Updated Logo, Tagline, & Website Rolled Out November 2015

BCRW-website-headerOur club promotional tools needed more than a simple update. Over the last several months, we looked at each element we use to promote our club. We looked at who we really are and what we do best. We looked at other Republican organizations.

We learned that most GOP clubs need an image overhaul so we can appeal to our younger voters while honoring who we are. Before we printed another business card or envelope label, we needed an image face lift.

Longtime BCRW member Donna Hutchinson became 2nd Vice President of the Arkansas Federation of Republican Women in July 2015. That meant she was now in charge of membership for the state. She presented ideas for chartering new clubs and growing membership statewide. She recommended updating our look to appeal to younger prospective members. We thought we should be the first to institute some of her ideas.

Our new logo is bold like our members.

No flowing ribbons, pearl necklaces, and high-heel shoes for our new logo. Our stylized elephant captures the spirit of the women who walk through the door of our meetings — courageous champions for America. It’s also a bit closer to Razorback red.

Trunk up, intertwined trunks, or trunk down?

We had a spirited debate about whether the elephant’s trunk should point up or down. An upturned trunk is a sign of good luck. Intertwined trunks represent friendship and love.

Our logo features the trunk pointing down. The elephant is a sign of humility and respect. Because of it’s size and strength, it represents protection and stability. An elephant trunk pointing down represents fertility and pushing through barriers. It seemed like an appropriate connection to the need for us to build grow membership so we can pass on our legacy. It also was a sign that we are warriors who are ready to fight — for our values, our candidates, and our country.

Our new website is striking and packed with great information for our members and voters.

And just in case you think we spent a bundle on our image overhaul and new website, we didn’t. Our elephant art started as a $15 stock art image and we modified it.

Our website development was donated. It costs us $50 a year to host. It is a WordPress blog-format website so it can be updated by just about anyone. We’ll make a small donation to the WordPress template developer because we love all his or her hard work. They develop these templates and offer them for no cost. A small donation is a token of our appreciation.

The new website joins our other communication tools.

Over the last few years, we began utilizing MailChimp for our e-mail communications. We also utilized a Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube. We use PayPal for our e-commerce transactions.

This new WordPress-based website replaces an older style website. We love that it stands tall as one of the most striking and useful websites of any Republican clubs in the state. It will be a great tool for us going forward.

Our new tagline is direct and captures who we are and what we do in four simple words — Rallying Arkansas Since 1964.

This is a great start to positioning us to support our candidates in 2016. There will be a few adjustments as we make modifications to accommodate our communication and promotional tools. Once everything settles down, we can move forward with more of Donna’s ideas.

Website, logo, and graphics by Carrie Perrien Smith, 2014-2015 BCRW President